Unfolding is a four-week online workshop and discussion circle designed to help you make value-driven style decisions without relying on willpower.

You know that how you shop and wear clothes has an impact—from presentation and self-expression, from finances to sustainability to human rights, gender to race. You want to be able to turn to your values, not your impulses, when you shop. You want to give a big 🖕🏼 to the fashion industry (especially in 2020!). You could use some conversation and support from friends who are also thinking critically about their style. You’re ready to unfold the stories you tell about clothes.

Registration closed. Get on the list to find out when Unfolding will be available again.

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    What is Unfolding?

    • four weeks of collaborative group work and discussion sessions
    • in-depth worksheets and exercises to get you thinking clearly and critically
    • digital templates for wishlist planning, your personal brand criteria, shopping triggers, and more, that you can put into practice immediately
    • supportive, judgment-free discussions with like-minded new friends
    • a two-hour individual strategy session to dig deep one-on-one

    Week 1: Clothing Stories

    What stories do we tell about clothes and fashion? How do we feel about our own clothes and consumption?

    Week 2: Values & Motivations

    What are my personal values around shopping and style? How do I want to feel in my clothes? How do I align my behaviors to my values, and why is it so hard?

    Week 3: What Matters and What Works

    What are my shopping triggers? What does it mean for a brand to be “good” or “bad”? What really matters to me when I shop?

    Week 4: Creating Criteria

    How do I build and maintain a wishlist that works for me? What is my plan of action? How will I know if a purchase is right for me?

    Plus an Individual Strategy Session

    You also get a two-hour individual strategy session to dig deep into any of the course topics, wardrobe frustrations, or tactics that are specific to you. We're all unique, and the one-on-one sessions are here to support you and your goals.

    “It’s overwhelming to think about doing all the research on brands and trying to figure out if they are actually ethical. And what do I even mean by ethical—do I mean labor practices? material sourcing? business structure?”

    “The initial investment of time and resources is a lot, but supporting small business owners & my local community is important to me.”

    “I want to do better at turning to my values and not my impulses when I’m shopping so I can feel satisfied about my clothes. I want them to be my style and I want to feel good about my choices.”