investing in your personal style is transforming your relationship to your clothes and your body. thinking critically. opting out of diet culture. taking care of your nice things. practicing sustainable and intentional consumption. choosing joy. uncovering the style that is singularly yours. respecting your financial goals. loving yourself. raising your feminist consciousness. letting it be easy. wearing your values on the outside. feeling amazing every day in your clothes.

Style Coaching

Let's turn your wardrobe dreams into actions.

Still not satisfied with your closet? Shopping to relieve stress but feeling hot shame when you look at your credit card later? Experiencing a body or lifestyle change and not feeling like yourself? I know exactly how that feels.

I can help you transform your everyday relationship with clothes, break free of negative body image and shopping habits, and uncover your singular style. Are you ready?

One-on-One Style Coaching

Style Coaching provides the one-on-one attention and insights you need to transform your relationship to your wardrobe. We'll dig deep into wardrobe science, using your real habits to understand what you already wear and like, and then creatively explore where you want to be in the future. Using journaling prompts and exercises, you’ll reflect on your values, identity, and how you present yourself to the world.

I've only just started working with Elyse and she's already shared such great insights. She works from a place of kindness and non-judgment and I'm really excited to edit my wardrobe down to things that feel totally like me. — Jessica

you will —

  • organize and inventory your closet and donate conscientiously
  • learn how to break out of consumption cycles designed to prey on negative body image
  • plan how to shop thoughtfully in the future
  • look at how body image and culture affect how you dress
  • uncover your ideal fit and proportions, and understand the nuances of measurements and sizing
  • create outfits and outfit formulas that match your lifestyle
  • explore and uncover the style you already have and want to cultivate in the future
  • create style words that speak to you and your values
  • and more—based on your personal wardrobe goals and needs

your six-month wardrobe journey includes —

  • 2-hour introductory session to dig into your wardrobe dreams and frustrations
  • A personalized, outcome-based curriculum
  • One 90-minute coaching call every month for 6 months
  • Support, questions, and accountability via email, text, and DM, anytime

I believe that everyone already has a personal style, a unique expression of their whole self. Uncovering it is a matter of defining the words, digging deep into your values, and reflecting on your habits. Style matters, because when what we wear, how we feel, and what we buy reflects our values, we regain power. We improve our confidence, we stop wasting our energy, and we bring that power to the world around us.

Style Coaching is an investment: in your confidence, in loving yourself, and in transforming your relationship with your clothes and body.


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Wondering if Style Coaching is right for you?

  • Struggling to put together outfits that work for your body, budget, and lifestyle?
  • Unsure why some outfits feel amazing and others terrible?
  • Experiencing a body or life change that is leaving you unsure of how to present yourself?
  • Trying to consume more consciously and sustainably?
  • Shopping to relieve stress, overspending, and regretting all the clothes in your closet that still have tags on?
  • Wishing you felt more content with what you already have?

— you're exactly who I had in mind.

Schedule a free Discovery Call, and I can answer all your questions about what style coaching is, how it works, and what we can do together.

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