Style Coaching is a completely personalized 6-month wardrobe reset.

Yes, six months—transforming your relationship with your clothes takes time! Over two seasons, we'll dig deep into your wardrobe dreams, using your real habits to understand what you already wear and how you shop, and creatively explore where you want to be in the future. Using journaling prompts and exercises, you’ll reflect on your values, come up with your very own style words, & plan for future wardrobe satisfaction.

One-on-one coaching provides the attention and insights you're missing—and the accountability to really change your closet mindset. Style Coaching is an investment: in your confidence, your values, and your future choices.

you will —

  • organize and inventory your closet so you know everything you have
  • learn how to break out of consumption cycles designed to prey on negative body image and sales triggers
  • plan how to shop ethically and intentionally in the future
  • look at how body image and culture affect how you dress
  • uncover your ideal fit and proportions, and understand the nuances of measurements and sizing
  • create outfits and outfit formulas that match your lifestyle
  • create style words that speak to you and your values by exploring the style you already have and want to cultivate in the future
  • and more—based on your personal wardrobe goals and needs

your six-month wardrobe journey includes —

  • 2-hour introductory session to dig into your wardrobe dreams and frustrations
  • A personalized, outcome-based curriculum
  • One 90-minute Zoom coaching call every month for 6 months
  • Custom worksheets, digital templates, knowledge bank, and resources
  • Support, questions, empathy, and accountability via email, anytime

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I've only just started working with Elyse and she's already shared such great insights. She works from a place of kindness and non-judgment and I'm really excited to edit my wardrobe down to things that feel totally like me. — Jessica

Pay-What-You-Can Strategy Call

Overwhelmed and need immediate wardrobe support? Or are you satisfied with your wardrobe but need guidance on something that's bothering you? This one-hour pay-what-you're-able strategy call is just for you.

This strategy call is perfect if you don’t know where to begin with an overwhelming closet, are struggling to manage a seasonal or body change, or just need a second opinion about something. Or if you’re stuck and frustrated wearing your PJs at home, we can create an easy stay-home capsule, dive in to how you can motivate yourself with routines and outfits, or poke gently at that anxiety-induced online shopping.

included —

  • Pre-call questionnaire to understand what you need
  • A one-hour video chat or phone call
  • A follow-up email check-in

I value making style coaching accessible. Pay what you think is a fair price. On average, people pay $75—and if you can pay more, know that you're making it possible for me to offer these sessions to someone who needs to pay less. Thank you!

typical price — $75

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