Style Coaching is a thoughtful and personalized year-long wardrobe reset.

You'll uncover your singular style, alter your style mindset, and build resilient wardrobe systems.

For the first six months, we'll dig deep into your wardrobe dreams and frustrations. We'll take a look at your current style, assess your real habits to understand what you already wear and how you shop, and creatively explore where you want to be in the future.

Unlike working with a personal stylist, we won't toss half your closet and go shopping, or spend all our time making outfits. Instead, style coaching is a collaborative and introspective partnership focused just as much on your personal values and habits as it is on your style aesthetic.

Using conversation, journaling prompts, and exploratory exercises, you’ll reflect on your personal values and ethics, come up with your very own style words, and dig in to your shopping and money stories. We'll also create a wardrobe knowledge bank, complete with wardrobe inventory, wishlist and purchase planners, fit and measurement guide, and seasonal style assessments.

But I won't just leave you with some style words and a half-filled out wishlist. We'll meet once a quarter for the second half of the year, to build accountability, resilience, and practice seasonally assessing our wardrobe and mindset for change.

Yes, a full year—transforming your relationship with your clothes takes time!

One-on-one coaching provides the attention and insights you're missing—and the accountability to really change your relationship to style, shopping, and the ethics of fashion.

Schedule a (free, and no-pressure) Discovery Call today to see what it would be like to transform your relationship with your clothes.

your wardrobe journey includes —

  • 2-hour introductory session to dig into your wardrobe dreams and frustrations
  • A personalized, outcome-based curriculum
  • One 90-minute Zoom coaching call every month for the first 6 months
  • Two quarterly wardrobe assessments
  • A robust, customizable wardrobe inventory and knowledge bank in Airtable and Notion
  • Custom worksheets, prompts, resources, and reading to guide you
  • Support, check-ins, empathy, and accountability via email, anytime

pricing —

actual tier — $3,250 or $270 monthly for 12 months

accessible tier — $1,650 or $137 monthly

pay-it-forward tier — $3,600 or $300 monthly

A note on tiered pricing: The accessible price is intended for those who are able to meet their needs but have little discretionary income; especially those in marginalized groups. The pay-it-forward price is an additional $350 over the actual cost; that extra is what allows me to offer the accessible tier and create free resources. If you can afford it, thank you. This is an honor system—choose the price you need.

you will —

  • create style words that speak to you and your values by exploring the style you already have and want to cultivate in the future
  • uncover your ideal fit and proportions, and understand the nuances of measurements and sizing
  • create outfits and outfit formulas that work with your lifestyle and your body
  • organize and inventory your closet so you know everything you have
  • build the habit of assessing your wardrobe as it (and your life) changes, reducing impulsive purchases and closet overwhelm
  • learn how to break out of consumption cycles built on urgency and novelty, and plan how to shop ethically and intentionally in the future
  • look at how body image and culture affect how you dress
  • clarify your personal values and ethics around consumer activism, money, and clothing
  • and more—based on your personal wardrobe goals and needs

Here’s what a few of my clients have to say about Style Coaching:

Elyse saw me — actually me — through my many mediocre outfits and the handful of good ones. She listened when I talked about the things I loved and how they made me feel. She helped me see proportions and styles and how I could make them work for my body; how to use the clothes I already owned with integrity in ways that felt good, and how to identify new pieces that would become wardrobe staples. The tools she has given me and the non-judgmental conversations we’ve had have changed the way I look at clothes and the way I feel when I live inside them. — Jessica, @smalltwee
Working with Elyse has been so helpful for me in unlearning my guilt cycle and 'hating' my hobby and source of joy and creativity in clothes. — Gretchen @spagrettystylejournal
What I've learned working with Elyse is that being happy with my wardrobe and putting together outfits I love isn't about adhering to any external definition of "stylish". It's about really noticing and honoring my own preferences, learning the subtleties of fit and proportion, and above all tuning into my own inner wisdom and search for joy. — Julia
Working with Elyse left me feeling enlightened. Sifting through my wardrobe and curating looks with her aided in my perspective on travel organization, stress-free pieces and a creative, calculated approach. Patient, kind and witty, she went above and beyond to bring bright clarity to my mind, providing me with a fresh perspective and a seamless guideline. I felt educated and empowered to take ownership over my style. — Riley @rileyblanksreed