personal style coaching

One-on-one style coaching provides the attention and insights you need to  live embodied in your singular style.

As your style coach, I'll act as a guide as you explore your relationship with your clothes. I'll help you create a framework for making decisions about your style, clothes, and presentation in a way that is rooted in your own body, lifestyle, and values.

You'll learn how to break out of consumption cycles designed to prey on negative body image and plan how to shop thoughtfully in the future. Together we'll inventory or clean out your closet, with a considerate eye towards your budget and conscientious donations. Tracking outfits, cost per wear, or other data points will help us understand what you already wear and like, and then we’ll creatively explore where you want to be in the future. Using journaling prompts and creative explorations, you’ll reflect on your values, identity, and how you present yourself to the world. I'll guide you through creating your personal style definition, putting together outfits that match your style, and learning about fit, proportions, measurements, and fabrics.

By the end, you'll have a set of guidelines that you can use ongoing, including outfit formulas, shopping guidelines, and a full wardrobe inventory.

together, we'll work to:

  • understand your current style, wardrobe frustrations, dreams, and goals
  • uncover and define your personal style, including a color palette, proportions and fit
  • create style words that speak to you and your values
  • create outfits and outfit formulas that match your style, fit you, are comfortable, and work for your lifestyle and seasons
  • organize and inventory your closet
  • define your shopping triggers and guidelines, and seasonal/future wardrobe planning

Investing in your personal style will empower you to confidently build a wardrobe that reflects you, your life, your body, & your budget.

are you ready to dig deep? get in touch for a free introductory call and details.

manifesto & values

Everyone, regardless of size, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, background, or budget, can and should feel supported by and confident in their clothes. I am committed to coaching in a fully inclusive and supportive way.

Cultivate productive and positive energy. Clothing and body image hold outsized negative mental power over women. Understanding our style helps us redirect that energy towards positive pursuits.

Feminist consciousness raising through the lens of fashion. Fashion touches on many aspects of our interconnected lives: body image, fitness, health, politics, religion, the environment and sustainability, presentation, gender, class, race, representation, finances. Articulating our beliefs about fashion can begin a journey of critical thinking and feminist consciousness raising.

Speak positive, celebratory words. Never prey on people's fears, use negative comparisons as a way to sell, or dismiss or degrade viewpoints. Instead, choose to respect and appreciate differences, uplift others, and collaborate with joy.

Participate with intent. A business exists in the world. By being intentional about my business' values I can participate in my community and world in a positive way, and teach others to do the same.