personal style coaching for intentional people who are ready to transform their relationship with clothes.

You love style and self-expression, but never quite feel like yourself in your outfits. You're spending so much energy on your wardrobe—hours wasted agonizing over decisions—but feel like you're getting nowhere. Your life and priorities are shifting, but your clothes and shopping habits are stuck. You're dreaming of a wardrobe that finally feels right—value-aligned and style-aligned.

You're ready to transform your relationship with clothes—and today is a perfect moment to begin.

Personal style coaching is a thoughtful and long-term wardrobe reset. Over multiple seasons, you'll uncover your singular style, alter your style mindset, and build resilient wardrobe systems. Discover how Style Coaching works and how our personal style intersects with our personal values.

When you're ready to transform your relationship with your clothes, book your free Discovery Call.

"This has been so helpful already for me unlearning my guilt cycle and 'hating' my hobby and source of joy and creativity in clothes."
Gretchen @spagrettystylejournal
👋🏼 I'm Elyse, and I'm on a mission to help women & gender non-conforming people define their singular style, build wardrobe systems that support them, and make value-driven style & shopping decisions. For me, it's about the clothes—but it's not just about the clothes. Read more about me and why I started style coaching.

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📝 creating a value-driven shopping wishlist
This worksheet will help you translate your values into a wishlist process that will support you in making value-driven shopping habits—without relying on willpower.
📝 30x30 capsule challenge planner worksheet
I'm sharing my 30x30 capsule planner worksheet — all the questions I ask myself when I'm planning a capsule. Download it now to make your 30x30 fun and easy!

investing in your personal style is transforming your relationship to your clothes and your body. thinking critically. opting out of diet culture. taking care of your nice things. practicing sustainable and intentional consumption. choosing joy. uncovering the style that is singularly yours. respecting your financial goals. loving yourself. raising your feminist consciousness. letting it be easy. wearing your values on the outside. feeling amazing every day in your clothes. are you ready?