are you ready to transform your relationship with clothes and uncover your singular style?

Unfolding: A Four Week Group Course

Unfolding is a four-week online workshop and discussion circle designed to help you make value-driven style decisions without relying on willpower.  Limited to 6 spots. Saturdays October 3, 10, 17, and 24. See how it works and sign up for October now.

Personal Style Coaching

Style Coaching is a six-month, completely custom, wardrobe reset. We'll dig deep into your wardrobe dreams, using your real habits to understand what you already wear and how you shop, and creatively explore where you want to be in the future. Using journaling prompts and exercises, you’ll reflect on your values, come up with your very own style words, & plan for future wardrobe satisfaction. Find out more or book a free Discovery Call.

👋🏼 I'm Elyse—your personal style coach. I believe in wearing your values, thinking critically, and modeling the world you want to live in. For me, it's about the clothes—but it's not just about the clothes. Read more about me and why I started style coaching.

resources & worksheets

My secret to help you get started thinking critically about your wardrobe? Thoughtful prompts and guided worksheets. Get new worksheets right in your inbox to stay curious, accountable, and motivated to improve your relationship with your clothes.

📝 creating a value-driven shopping wishlist
This worksheet will help you translate your values into a wishlist process that will support you in making value-driven shopping habits—without relying on willpower.
📝 30x30 capsule challenge planner worksheet
I'm sharing my 30x30 capsule planner worksheet — all the questions I ask myself when I'm planning a capsule. Download it now to make your 30x30 fun and easy!

investing in your personal style is transforming your relationship to your clothes and your body. thinking critically. opting out of diet culture. taking care of your nice things. practicing sustainable and intentional consumption. choosing joy. uncovering the style that is singularly yours. respecting your financial goals. loving yourself. raising your feminist consciousness. letting it be easy. wearing your values on the outside. feeling amazing every day in your clothes. are you ready?