Hi, I'm Elyse!

I'm a style coach, software engineer, writer, weightlifter, hobbyist cook, bullet journaler, and avid reader. My pronouns are she/her.

I've been keeping a style diary for over two years. Defining my style helped my confidence, helped me appreciate my body more, and gave me time and mental energy to produce, not consume.

I believe that everyone has a unique, deeply personal sense of style. I know this is true, because everyone is unique, and every unique experience shapes our choices. Our values, our body, our history, our culture, our personality: these all affect and create our style.

I'm interested in how defining your personal style intersects with defining your personal values. I believe that opting out of diet culture and fast fashion and choosing to invest in your confidence is a radical act. Supporting ethical and sustainable fashion, whether that's not shopping, shopping secondhand, or supporting ethical brands, is a political choice.

By day, I work as a developer advocate on a small software engineering team at a really big company. I write (mostly words, sometimes code) in service of our team’s mission statement: to help other teams do their jobs faster and more efficiently. I live in sunny (and sweaty) downtown Austin, TX with my husband, Jeffrey.

I’m an inveterate reader—I devour 100+ books a year. (Come follow along on Goodreads or my instastories!) I'm working this year to read 95% diverse books by diverse authors.

I love weird, interesting wine and all kinds of food, as long as it's delicious. My desert island condiments would be flaky salt & olive oil, sambal oelek, and a good herby salsa verde. I’m a hobbyist cook and a long-time farmer’s market/CSA supporter.

I'm a regular gym-goer and powerlifter. I go to the best, open-minded, diverse, female-owned gym ever, and I’ll talk your ear off about why lifting is the best exercise you can do.

I believe in experiences over things. My husband and I love to travel, spend time with family and friends, and gain a broader understanding of the world. We try to live intentionally, towards ourselves, each other, and our communities. That includes understanding our own privilege, giving back financially, and learning as much as we can.


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fine print

I blog to share my wardrobe journey, and as a style coach to help you learn to create your own intentional wardrobe. I very rarely will use affiliate or referral links. My goal is for you to find style inspiration and tips, not to be a shopping platform. I try to note if my items are ethical/sustainable or not. I will never post or share items that I don't feel are my style or wouldn't wear. I do not intend to work with brands as an influencer, and if I ever do, I will make it very clear.