Using Personal Style As a Path to Discovering Personal Values — Conjuring up Courage Podcast

Do you ever feel like you have plenty of clothes but nothing to wear? Style Coach Elyse Holladay has some ideas about why that is and what you can do about it in this episode of Conjuring Up Courage podcast with Shohreh Davoodi.

2021 Seasonal Capsule Wardrobes — My Winter Capsule

In 2021, I'm going back to seasonal capsules. Seasonal capsules were how I began figuring out my personal style and reducing my impulse shopping habit—and it's time to revisit them, five years later.

a mindful sales season workshop

The holiday sale season even more intense this year—longer and bigger. The fashion industry is in turmoil, and retailers are hungry for a bite of your budget. On the other hand, shopping small this holiday season can keep your fave indie brands afloat in a tough year. On the other-other hand, you don't want to over-spend or over-consume. How can you approach this sales season mindfully? Join me for a workshop to create an actually useful holiday season shopping plan . Saturday, Nov 21 at 4pm

deconstructing the idea of the "perfect" wardrobe

We all have such different lives, bodies, cultures, dreams, goals, values, aesthetics—how could one definition of a perfect wardrobe apply to us all?

how to escape the sales

It’s a big sale weekend, and retailers really want you to know it. If you're feeling the pressure to shop for stuff you don't need—I'm sharing seven ways I escape the sales, from my trusty adblocker to shopping my closet to just logging off.

summer business update

Creating my business with my values intact is important to me, and I want to share with you how I’m committing to that, where my money is going, and what I’m doing now and next.

what stories do you tell about clothes?

We use clothes to apply meaning. We do it all the time—we judge others (positively or negatively) on what we wear. It's time to go beyond the surface level of these stories and unfold all those layers.

can you care about your style and your values?

The world is complex—and so is wearing our values. That's why I created Unfolding.

creating a value-driven shopping wishlist

This worksheet will help you translate your values into a wishlist process that will support you in making value-driven shopping habits—without relying on willpower.

30x30 capsule challenge planner worksheet

I'm sharing my 30x30 capsule planner worksheet — all the questions I ask myself when I'm planning a capsule. Download it now to make your 30x30 fun and easy!

summer outfit log review

I'm putting myself through the same style curriculum I write for my clients. First up, my outfit log, what patterns I see in my style, and what that means.

cutting my phone time in half

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with ways to reduce my screen time. Using Downtime and tracking I cut my screen time from almost 3 hours to just over one. Here's what I did.