02 September, 2019
style coaching, style diary, walking the walk
11 min read
walking the walk: outfit log review
I'm putting myself through the same style curriculum I write for my clients. First up, my outfit log, what patterns I see in my style, and what that means.
14 August, 2019
8 min read
cutting my phone time in half
Over the past few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with ways to reduce my screen time. Using Downtime and tracking I cut my screen time from almost 3 hours to just over one. Here's what I did.
01 August, 2019
style coaching, style diary, walking the walk
9 min read
walking the walk: my style history
How can you describe the transformative magic of knowing your style? The journey I am taking style coaching clients through is one I have done for myself.
19 July, 2019
style coaching
4 min read
style coaching update: generating action
Back in May, I announced I was launching style coaching services, and I wanted to give a little update on how it's going! First, literally how it's going—tactics and what it's like trying to set up a business. Second, what I'm working on and why—what's this all for?
17 July, 2019
travel, style recap, style diary
8 min read
May + June Outfit Recap
I know this is belated, but finally getting to a little recap of my May + June. We were traveling for most of June, and the couple weeks of May before that were so hectic! basically the last time i wore pants in Texas—May 21! [https://www.instagram.com/p/BxutmFrnNdP/]If you're following me on Instagram [https://www.instagram.com/elyseholladay/] you know that our Europe trip in June [https://elysestyled.com/europe-summer-trip/] was... kind of a mess. Lots of travel issues, poorly planned events
04 June, 2019
travel, packing lists, capsule wardrobe
11 min read
packing for a 4-city, 3.5-week European summer trip
My husband and I are off to Berlin, Normandy, Paris, and the French Riviera for an eventful three summer weeks. Read on for what I packed and outfits I’m looking forward to wearing!
15 May, 2019
style coaching
3 min read
style beyond the superficial
Style is both superficial, and it isn't. Clothes are the outer layer of style—literally on the surface—and we judge and are judged by this superficial layer. Yet clothes are not the only aspect of style. What is true and real about your style—and how do you know?
02 May, 2019
style recap
8 min read
April Outfits & Wear Count
April was a wet, dreary month punctuated by a lovely quick weekend trip to New Orleans. I've noticed I'm putting together outfits in a much more ad hoc, whimsical way; just wearing what I want to, and letting it be easy. Read on for April outfits, tracking thoughts, and purchases.
27 April, 2019
style diary, personal style
6 min read
three ways my style is changing
My life has continued to change; my body, my job, my relationships, my identity, they've all continued to grow... and so has my style. As the weather changes and summer blooms, I'm seeing those come to life.
31 March, 2019
style recap, travel
8 min read
Feb + March Outfit Recap
We can pretty much sum up Feb and March as Month(s) of the Sweatshirt. I'm so ready for spring, and warmer, sunny days are just beginning to find their way to Texas.
31 January, 2019
style recap
14 min read
January Outfits & Wear Count
It's January recap time! This month, we've got polar vortexes, no new clothes, and lots of dark-colored, cozy outfits. So let's go!
08 January, 2019
bullet journal
9 min read
3 questions to ask yourself when starting a bullet journal
A friend asked me if I had any resources for how to begin keeping a bullet journal — one that will actually help her day to day life. I’ve been bullet journaling regularly for 3 years, so I want to share three questions to ask yourself before you start a bullet journal.