can you care about your style and your values?

Tomorrow, registration opens for my brand-new small group workshop and discussion circle, Unfolding. Unfolding is a four-week online workshop, with four group workshops plus an individual session, and it is designed to get you making value-driven shopping decisions without relying on willpower — and to get you in conversation with like-minded friends who know that clothes, our style, and fashion have an impact.

Can I get vulnerable for a minute?

Last week I got on my Instagram stories and asked if you were feeling like clothes are frivolous or shallow or pointless lately, but…

...knowing that clothes and fashion have a real impact on you, on other people, how we perceive each other, the environment, the economy…, committed to making socially responsible style choices, but feeling overwhelmed…

...but still finding happiness in clothes and style…

...and wishing you had some friends to talk to seriously about shopping with your values in mind… and maybe not getting that on Instagram?

The response I got was overwhelmingly: YES, THAT. It validated a fear in me that I had been holding on to all year: that people aren’t ready or willing to get serious about their style, clothes, and shopping habits.

Some of y’all might know this already, but if not—I left my full-time job earlier this year to focus on style coaching. 2020 is an exciting (ha ha) year to commit to a small, new business, and I’ve had people tell me that clothes just don’t matter right now. The message? Clothes are silly, girly, and shallow, and nobody will take that seriously when there’s so much uncertainty and suffering in the world.

Yes, there’s uncertainty, and suffering. And you know what? Clothes play into that. The fashion industry is responsible for mass amounts of pollution, water waste, and heinous human rights violations and working conditions. During COVID, fast fashion brands are reneging on payment for already-made garments, and keeping their stores open despite employees’ fears. Where we shop—or don’t—can make a statement about what we’re willing to tolerate. What we wear affects how we’re perceived and treated by others, not to mention how we feel about ourselves. How we treat our bodies, our budgets, our mental energy, and our clothes is deeply tied to our values.

And this year? We’re taking a long, hard, look at what we value and how we act.

You might have been on this slow style journey for a long time. You might have been sewing your own clothes, or thrifting, shopping less, or not at all. You might have gone all in on sustainable fabrics or small indie brands. You might be wearing the hell out of your old fast fashion pieces instead of replacing them. You also might be making the commitment to “do better” with your shopping for the first time. Either way, you know that it isn’t as simple as saying, I care about this.

The world is complex—and so is wearing our values. It’s important that we have conversations about how we stay committed to our values when we shop. Sometimes it feels like “not buying that shirt” isn’t a valuable action. Sometimes clothes DO pointless in the face of all the horribleness. Sometimes your intentions are good, but you just really love that jumpsuit…

You know that just because your actions are small doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do them, but it can be complex and frustrating to navigate. How do I know if a brand is “ethical”? Should you burn all your Reformation? Do I prioritize sustainable fabrics, size inclusivity, company type, ownership, or what? Are there any “good” brands? Sometimes it’s just navigating your own shopping triggers, like a scary, shitty day at work.

This is exactly why I created Unfolding. It’s complex, and we can’t do it alone. Some guidance, structure, and support from like-minded friends might make all the difference.

I want to show that we know clothes matter, and we know these conversations matter. I want to prove that we are ready as consumers and people to commit with our actions, not just our words.

Help me fill this group up with powerful, smart, critical thinkers who know that you can care about your style and your values. Let’s prove it.

⚡️ 20 spots. Saturdays August 8, 15, 22, and 29. $379. Registration opens Tuesday July 14th. More details.