style beyond the superficial

style beyond the superficial

Superficial has two definitions. Something is superficial when it "exists or occurs at or on the surface." Something can also be superficial when it "appears to be true or real only until examined more closely." Style is both superficial, and it isn't. Clothes are the outer layer of style—literally on the surface—and we judge and are judged by this superficial layer.

Yet clothes are not the only aspect of style. Style is also our shopping and purchasing, our family, religious, cultural, and social communities. Style is our color palette, our body, the trends, but it's also our inner values and powerfully unique selves. It's our chosen self—and often we don't examine these choices more closely. What is true and real about your style—and how do you know?

I'm so excited to launch style coaching services to help people think critically and deeply about their style. I want to be a guide as you transform your everyday relationship with clothes, break free of negative body image and shopping habits, and uncover your singular style.

We spend so much energy investing in thinking about how we represent ourselves, and yet so much of it is both negative and superficial. We debate this dress or that skirt, which shade of blue; we stand in front of our closets before attending a company party or a friend's wedding, agonizing. We browse sale racks and online discount codes, waste hours wondering what it might be like to have spring's newest shoe trend. All this energy and time, and what do we learn about ourselves?

What if we could redirect that energy towards positive pursuits? What if we invested in thinking critically about our style, and began to understand ourselves? What if we had a framework for making decisions about our self and style that was deeply rooted in our values?

investing in your personal style is transforming your relationship to your clothes and your body. thinking critically. taking care of your nice things. learning to respect and appreciate your unique body. practicing sustainable and intentional consumption. raising your feminist consciousness. choosing joy. uncovering your singular style. experimenting. respecting your financial goals. cultivating productive and positive energy. letting it be easy. living embodied in your values. feeling like yourself in your clothes every day.

Style coaching looks like:

  • breaking the cycle of overspending and shopping regret
  • knowing everything that's in your closet—and what to do with it
  • having completely personalized shopping guidelines
  • personal style words that actually help you make outfits
  • thinking critically about your consumption habits
  • learning to give up negative self-talk
  • understanding your perfect fit and proportions

I believe that everyone already has a personal style, a unique expression of their whole self. Uncovering your singular style is a matter of defining the words, digging deep into your values, and reflecting on the choices that align with your values. Style matters, because when what we wear, how we feel, and what we buy is in tune with our inner personality and values, we regain power. We improve our confidence, we save our energy for positive pursuits, and we bring that power to the world around us.

If you're excited about going beyond the superficial—let's work together. Email me and we'll set up a (free) introductory call and let's dig deep.