creating a value-driven shopping wishlist

creating a value-driven shopping wishlist

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If 2020 has been an awakening or a reminder for you of how clothes are connected to the economy, human rights, race, and sustainability—you’re not alone! Everyone I talk to lately is thinking about how they can shop more consciously—whether that’s buying from small, sustainable clothing makers, breaking up with Amazon, or overall reducing how much they consume. Sound familiar?

Easier said than done, though, isn’t it? I know how easy it is to get overwhelmed when trying to change your shopping habits—so I made this just for you.

NEW WORKSHEET — Creating a Value-Driven Wishlist

If you’re sensing a gap between what you’re doing now and your ideal shopping habits—whether that’s shopping ethically, respecting your financial goals, or making fewer impulse purchases, this worksheet is for you. In these pages, you will translate your values into a wishlist process that will support you in making value-driven shopping habits—without relying on willpower.

  1. assess — take a closer look at your recent purchases, how they feel, and see where our actual purchases and ideals aren’t aligned
  2. reflect — examine our feelings and motivations about what we value when we shop
  3. define — articulate your personal why and shopping criteria to help you make value-aligned decisions
  4. plan — create a critical-thinking wishlist format, questions to ask ourselves before we hit buy, and a plan of action

Creating a Value-Driven Wishlist

Translate your values into a wishlist process that

will support you in making value-driven shopping

habits—without relying on willpower.

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    I recommend getting a pen and printing this out, and putting away Instagram—I know, I know—but a little focus goes a long way, and it’s hard to focus with notifications popping up! There’s a lot in here, so if you start to feel overwhelmed—that’s okay. Take it just a little bit at a time. Remember, you’re working hard on yourself, and that’s worthwhile even when it’s uncomfortable.

    feeling overwhelmed and wishing for guidance?

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