Using Personal Style As a Path to Discovering Personal Values — Conjuring up Courage Podcast

I had the pleasure and honor of joining Shohreh Davoodi on her podcast, Conjuring Up Courage, to talk transforming your relationship to clothes.

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Do you ever feel like you have plenty of clothes but nothing to wear? Style Coach Elyse Holladay has some ideas about why that is and what you can do about it. In this episode, Elyse explains that the clothes we wear reflect far more than just aesthetics, which is why learning more about your personal style can shine a light on your personal values.

We discussed:

  • What Elyse does as a style coach.
  • How unintentional overconsumption leads to feeling like you have so many clothes but nothing to wear.
  • The expectations that we put on our clothes.
  • Clothing as performance and whether we ever really dress for ourselves.
  • How understanding your personal style can teach you more about your values.
  • Style as a skill that can be learned instead of a natural ability.
  • The judgments that come from the societal meanings we assign to clothes.
  • The tricky balance of navigating beauty standards as they exist currently and fighting for a world where no one is judged for beauty.
  • The complexities of navigating ethics in fashion as a consumer.
  • Practical tips for starting to explore your personal style.

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