Pay-What-You-Can Strategy Call

Overwhelmed and need immediate wardrobe support? Or are you satisfied with your wardrobe but need guidance on something that's bothering you? This one-hour pay-what-you're-able strategy call is just for you.

This strategy call is perfect if you don’t know where to begin with an overwhelming closet, are struggling to manage a seasonal or body change, or just need a second opinion about something. Or if you’re stuck and frustrated wearing your PJs at home, we can create an easy stay-home capsule, dive in to how you can motivate yourself with routines and outfits, or poke gently at the anxiety-induced online shopping you’ve got going on.

included —

  • Pre-call questionnaire to understand what you need
  • A one-hour video chat or phone call
  • A follow-up email check-in

Everyone deserves to feel supported by and confident in their clothes, and I value making style coaching accessible. Pay what you think is a fair price. On average, people pay $75—and if you can pay more, know that you're making it possible for me to offer these sessions to someone who needs to pay less. Thank you!


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