May + June Outfit Recap

I know this is belated, but finally getting to a little recap of my May + June. We were traveling for most of June, and the couple weeks of May before that were so hectic!

basically the last time i wore pants in Texas—May 21!

If you're following me on Instagram you know that our Europe trip in June was... kind of a mess. Lots of travel issues, poorly planned events, too many cities and too much transit, and overall more stressful than fun and relaxing. It's so easy to make your life, or a trip, seem beautiful and glamorous on Instagram, even when it's not. You're not exactly photographing your missed-train related anxiety meltdown, or lugging your suitcases around, or the hours spent sitting in Normandy traffic on a stinky tour bus due to bad planning. It's such a luxury to be able to travel, truly; that doesn't mean it's always luxurious.

a highlight: a beautiful summer evening in Berlin

I actually did wear all the outfits I planned, but didn't end up with photos of a bunch of them. Best laid plans, and all that. You'll just have to trust me.

Recap Thoughts

I don't have a lot of photos, and during our trip, my logging fell off hard. It's no fun to think about posing glamorously for outfit shots when you're stressed and worried about travel. When we had pockets of time to enjoy ourselves, I wanted to be enjoying, and not documenting. Oh, I snapped some photos—of course—but posing for the perfect curated outfit shot just didn't feel right.

On the flip side, my clothes were... doing their job. I had a great jacket for evenings and damp weather. I had comfortable shoes. I had spare leggings for changing to wear on bus trips after getting rained on. I felt put together, and comfortable.

I wrote about it a bit but I love the style in Berlin; it's so pragmatic. Everyone walks or bikes, so it’s comfy sneakers and cool jackets and scarves and weird pants and subcultures. The laid-back attitude about clothes—clothes as function—reminded me just how important it is that we feel good in what we wear.

horseback riding on the Cote d'Azur

My husband has this down. His style is so predictable—and he always has just the right thing. He's one of my style inspirations in that way. He knows himself, he knows what he is comfortable in, and rarely compromises on it.

Paris might be French-girl-style heaven, but I refuse to be uncomfortable just to wear a trend or a great shoe. I did see some great outfits, in varying trends, but the ones that stuck out to me the most were worn by women who very clearly felt comfortable in their clothes. I spotted one woman my age on the train, in high rise soft black trousers, flat canvas sneakers, a white tee, and a blazer, and a tote bag. Classic! Yet she was simply commuting—and that's what struck me about it. She was stylish, yes, but her outfit was working for her.

sporty on a very hot day trip to Versailles

Once we got to the vacation portion of the trip, it was warmer, and easier to actually relax. We spent our days there doing activities—horseback riding, falling out of the kayak—but mostly eating delicious food and reading at the beautiful pool.

Favorite Outfits

My style overall in May and June really did fit the vibe I had been aiming for on the trip—assured · unfussy · womanly—with warm, light neutrals, a variety of textures, and relaxed proportions. I wore a lot of beautiful dresses, something that felt both spring-y and vacation-y.

The other side of my style—maybe a bit more pragmatic—is always a little bit sporty. I love black and white, simple outfits that stick to my proportions. Even in these, though, I'm mixing textures and softening it up.

visiting Saint Tropez, in sporty sneakers but a breezy silk skirt!

In Paris, we had the pleasure of meeting up with newly-engaged Mayette and Ian. We took a Seine tour and shared a fantastic dinner with them at Buvette. This was absolutely a highlight of our trip—connecting with people!

goofing off


My outfit logging was solid in May—I logged every single day! In June, on my trip, I logged... four outfits. Oh well. Like I wrote about last month, "Tracking like this can be both insightful and limiting." It's simply data—having it can teach me some things about my habits. I can also learn a lot about my habits by observation, and careful attention.

I often take quick snaps like this to document what I'm wearing. They aren't beautiful, or posed, or Instagram-worthy. They are a form of simple logging, a way to remember and capture data for later.

biking in Versailles



In Paris, I bought a lovely pair of black Filippa K pants at FrenchTrotters, which is a beautiful store. They're soft and slinky and just structured enough, something that's been on my wishlist for ages. I wore them quite a bit through the end of the trip, and of course haven't worn them since I got home because it's just too hot for pants.

matching my FT bag to this beautiful door in Paris

Tailoring, Donating, Removing

Nothing moving right now, except for a pair of LoQ sandals that I purchased just before my trip, loved, wore twice, and now that I am back am realizing they're really a little bit too big. Hoping to sell and replace them if I can! Otherwise—just letting things hang out for a while!

Next Month

Now that I'm home, it's extremely warm—we're at the part of the summer where it's 90F at 9pm and unlikely to let up until October. As a naturally sweaty person living in an extremely hot climate, I'm just... going with it. That means clothes I can sweat in, breezy shapes and technical fabrics, and just not trying too hard to look put together. I'm not even tracking outfits, really, just snapping photos. I've suddenly come around hard on the bike shorts trend, so expect to see lots of that in my July recap!