Video Workshop Strategy & Support

Scrambling to move your business online in the wake of COVID-19? I would love to help. Let's work together to set your business up to host online classes and workshops, strategize workshop content and logistics, practice your public speaking, get real-time technical support, and more.

FREE one-hour strategy calls to help you get started with video/online classes for the first time, set up Zoom, and figure out the best way to begin.

Pay what you're able for real-time technical support, public speaking training, strategy and writing, and digital services.

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I worked with Val and Bridgette at Potion to move their custom facial and skincare business into virtual classes, to keep them going while we are under a shelter in place order. We brainstormed ideas for classes, discussed donation-based versus payments, and got them set up on Zoom. Their first donation-based class, with less than 24 hours notice, was a hit, and I'm excited to see where they go with them in the next few weeks!

“Thank you for being our cyberspace consultant/angel/catalyst. Your kindness & generosity moved us to tears. We are going to get to working on these steps.”

— Valerie Mirza @ Potion


  • set up Zoom or other video software, and teach you how to use it quickly
  • consult with you on ideas for how you can bring your business online and the best formats and styles for you
  • provide real-time technical support during video workshops, to help you with timing, organizing attendees, breakout groups, polls, q&a, and more
  • tutor you on confident public speaking, hosting video calls, and do practice run-throughs to help you refine your content and presentation
  • set up connected services/apps, so you can easily sell tickets, accept payments, schedule events, and email attendees, and integrate with your website
  • strategize online workshop or class content and logistics, including writing outlines and reviewing workshop plans to make sure they'll work smoothly on video
  • create graphics, emails, or presentations/slides for your event

“SassConf was unique in that we had talk mentorship, meaning we were scheduled to meet semi-regularly with someone who has speaking experience. I was fortunate that my mentor, Elyse Holladay, was one of the organizers of the conference and a conference slide savant. There are a lot of finer detail-type things that were unintuitive to me as someone who was doing this the first time. Her feedback on my slide content was really invaluable.”

—Dan Na, Thoughts from a First Time Conference Speaker


For businesses that are primarily offline, the shutdown due to COVID-19 is devastating. I want to help you get going again, so all prices are negotiable based on what you're able to pay right now.

always free

  • first one-hour consulting call on video class/workshop strategy
  • basic Zoom setup

pay what you're able

For real-time technical support, public speaking training, strategy and writing, and digital services, let's work together to find a reasonable rate based on your business, e.g. a percentage of tickets sold, trades of your service, or a flat/hourly fee.

Perched on the brink of entrepreneurship myself, it's heartwrenching for me to watch the amazing small businesses and solo entrepreneurs I know struggle to bring their businesses online in the wake of the virus. I can't change what's happening in the world, and there's only so much takeout one can order, but I do have a lot of experience with something relevant: hosting online classes, workshops, public speaking, and tech.

After a 10+ year tech career, I'm deeply familiar with how to run successful video calls, classes, and workshops. I know how to use video call technology, beyond a simple video, as well as the systems and tools to sell tickets, send invitations and emails, take payments, and schedule events online. I'm an established speaker at tech conferences, and spent time as an instructor at a dev bootcamp, with years of experience planning workshops and curriculum both offline and online. I have tutored many a first-time conference speaker, and can help you outline, plan, and practice workshops and classes.

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