September Wardrobe & Outfits

This September I set aside a specific, curated set of items just for the month. With a lot of travel coming up this fall, I wasn’t ready to commit to a season capsule, but I did want to put some structure around my outfits for a few weeks.

September Wardrobe & Outfits

This September I set aside a specific, curated set of items just for the month. With a lot of travel coming up this fall, I wasn’t ready to commit to a season capsule, but I did want to put some structure around my outfits for a few weeks.

Capsule Goals

My goals were to:

  • plan any fall/winter purchases
  • experiment styling some pieces I love but find challenging
  • plan outfits weekly so I'm prepared in the mornings
  • log my outfits every day and take a daily photo

First, I took a look at my current lifestyle needs. These days I am commuting 3 days a week, and then walking or biking to my downtown office 2 days a week. It’s still warm—even hot—so my picks need to still be summer-temps ready.

Then, I put together a “style statement.” This helped me figure out which items to pick.

looks like fall but feels like summer richer, earthy, natural colors simple lines soft, elegant, womanly textural variety and richness • slightly dressed up

There were a few items I knew I wanted to be wearing. Rich fall colors were calling my name: sage and forest green, poppy red, a dusty brown rose, cream. Of course I own lots of navy, which makes a great companion.

My picks

I ended up picking 30 items. This is a lot—and a lot of these items only got worn once!

But my goal wasn’t to pare down to a small number, just to have a limited set for a while. All these items hung out on my bedroom closet rack, so I wasn’t digging through things in the morning. It helped with summer-temps-fall-style decision fatigue.

Rachel Comey Bismark jeans, washed black link, sustainable or here in grey  •  Everlane Cheeky jean, light wash link, ethical  •  AYR "The Always" denim shorts past season

Aritzia crinkle culottes, sage green link, not ethical  •  Esby Apparel Lucia pants, camel past season, more esby pants, made in the us  •  Diarte Rico knit jogger pant, black link, ethical

Aritzia paper bag waist shorts, olive link, not ethical  •  Kit + Ace stretch knit midi, cream past season

Esby textured linen jumpsuit, indigo blue past season, more esby jumpsuits  •  Reformation jersey skirt, forest green secondhand, deadstock, more ref skirts

Christy Dawn Sarita wrap maxi dress in rust link to other colors, deadstock fabric + get $30 off

Aritzia henley tank midi dress, black past season, not ethical

Elizabeth Suzann Ella tank, rust silk link, ethical  •  Alice + Olivia black crop tee old, similar (responsible)  •  Kit + Ace muscle tank, flint link, not ethical

Elizabeth Suzann Linn tee, navy silk link  •  Esby Laurel knit tee, clove link  •  Elizabeth Suzann Georgia tee, ivory raw silk old fabric, link to linen

Cuyana silk camisole, black link, ethical  •  Kit + Ace Prevost sleeveless turtleneck, rosewood past season

not pictured: Aritzia mock neck crop tee, poppy red, link, not ethical  •  LNA linen blend crop tee, black and white stripe link, made in US  •  Aritzia knotted crop tank, black past season similar, made in US

Mohinders link, handmade + ethical  •  APL sneakers, burgundy link, made in the US, donates to charity  •  Janesse Leone Adriana hat link, handmade, ethical

Freda Salvador Lay mules past season, similar other FS mules, ethical  •  Rag + Bone Finlay booties past season  •  camel leather slides handmade, gifted from a friend's trip to Italy

APC sneakers link, not ethical  •  Korkease Lenny heels old  •  Mansur Gavriel mini Lady bag link, not ethical, veg tanned leather

Outfits and Wear Notes

Overall, since I had so many items, not many things got reworn. My cream midi skirt, Freda Salvador lay mules, APC sneakers, and black jeans seem to be standouts.

Some successes

Esby Lucia pants

I love these, but struggled to style them since I got them last year. Wearing my green culottes made my realize it wasn't the fabric or color, just the length! So I took some scissors to these, and the shorter, raw hem made all the difference! They need to go to the tailor, thankfully not because of my crappy chop job but for the waist, so you won't see them on me again for a while.

Kit + Ace cream midi skirt

I thought this would be too intense for work, since it's so body-conscious. But I actually wore it a ton, and felt perfectly comfortable in it. It's pretty covered up, and feels pencil-business-skirt adjacent. It's also extremely comfy, keeps me warm inside but not too hot outside. A new favorite, especially with a high-neck tee.

APC sneakers

I was nervous to buy a chunky, ugly “dad” sneaker, because I was worried I’d feel like I was playing dress up in a trend that would die soon. I actually love these, though; they occupy a great niche in my closet that feels less sporty than my athletic-styled sneakers, but still relaxed and kicky. These have become my go-to for dressing down some of my more body-conscious outfits.

Rachel Comey black jeans

Right after I put together my September list, I ripped one of the belt loops on these and tore the fabric underneath. So they went to the tailor and I didn’t get them back til the 24th. Alas! But then I wore them twice in a row, because I love these.

Some struggles

AYR always denim shorts

These are the greatest denim shorts… but I’m just not sure shorts have as much of a place in my wardrobe as they used to. Wearing these felt more casual than I liked. Plus, they're 100% cotton denim. They've broken in well, but I still prefer some stretch.

Christy Dawn Sarita wrap maxi dress

Don’t get me wrong, I adore this dress—but I think it belongs in my “special occasion” wardrobe, not my everyday wardrobe. It’s a bit too low-cut for my comfort at work. I felt plenty comfortable in it walking around Venice Beach on our Los Angeles trip, or going out to dinner, I just wasn't feeling it for work.

Kit + Ace Prevost sleeveless turtleneck

Ah, I was just too optimistic about the temps for this one. It’s too hot for a turtleneck, even a sleeveless one. I know I’ll get a ton of use out of it when the weather cools down, though!

Everlane cheeky jeans

I really want to love these, but I can't. They're super comfy, the waist fits great post-tailoring, the length and wash is great... but they just feel kinda slouchy and sloppy on me. The pocket lining shows (even after having my tailor stitch it down!), which irritates me. I'll definitely wear these for the comfort factor, but they aren't the vintage-but-stretchy straight leg jeans of my dreams.

For October-November-December

I have a lot of travel coming up this fall/winter—three weeks in Japan, plus holiday travel. I plan to do a fall/winter capsule, and something like a 10x10 for packing for Tokyo. Looking forward to maaaaybe some weather in the high 60°s soon! Maybe.

What did you do for this transitional time of year?