November Outfits & Wear Count

I can't believe it's December already! November flew by in a whirlwind of return travel, getting sick, and a short week due to the holiday. So it's recap time — here's the outfits I wore this month, as well as purchases, wishlist, and some (slightly rant-y) thoughts on outfit tracking methods.

November Outfits & Wear Count

I can't believe it's December already! November flew by in a whirlwind of return travel, getting sick, and a short week due to the holiday. So it's recap time — here's all most of the outfits I wore this month, including some that didn't make it to Instagram, as well as purchases, wishlist, and some (slightly rant-y) thoughts on outfit tracking methods. Let's go!

Recap Thoughts

Excluding a few outfits from the November days I was in Tokyo, this month's outfit theme seemed to be "wear everything I didn't bring to Tokyo," with a side of "wait, it's actually cold out?" Austin's had weather in the 50-70 F temps, which is pretty chilly for this time of year.

The Bad

  • I shrunk one of my two sweaters. In my excitement at cold weather, I washed it and turned it into a baby sized sweater. Alas, as it was one of my most interesting, statement-y items. And yes, I only owned two sweaters, and they were both grey.
  • I still find layering baffling and difficult. Days that aren't coat days but require more than a sleeve puzzle me, and I'm glad we don't have them too often!
  • My favorite Rachel Comey black jeans are fitting irritatingly loosely around the waist. I haven't gotten them tailored at all yet they were fitting well, so I'm not sure if this is my body changing a bit from traveling and being off my routine, or the jeans themselves stretching out.
  • Cladwell is crappy. More on this later.

The Good

  • I've spent most of my wardrobe energy on summer clothes, as it's hot here the majority of the year. Over the past summer I picked up a handful of cold-weather clothes during sales and I'm happy to say that my small collection of long sleeve tops has been perfect for the cold but not freezing temps. I'm a little bored with my selection, as I like variety day to day, but pleased with how well I like some of my options.
  • I wore a surprising amount of items this month — 40. Getting back into some of my faves after 3 weeks in a limited capsule was downright fun, and it made getting dressed fun. I even broke out some of my heels!
On a warmer day, in my Mara jumpsuit

Favorite Outfits

I actually really liked all my outfits this month. I don't think I could even pick a least favorite. But these stood out.

Diarte knit pants, AO rust turtleneck, camel booties
Diarte knit pants (past season), AO rust cropped turtleneck (secondhand), TOMS camel booties past season link similar (responsible) similar (responsible)

This one wins just for being extremely comfortable. Knits all over! Plus I loved the super warm tones.

Wray pants, OV merino purple turtleneck, Mars booties
Wray Fielding pants link, ethical, Outdoor Voices merino turtleneck similar (responsible), Rachel Comey Mars booties link, responsible

The morning I wore this my husband said I "looked like Autumn threw up on me," but I loved this color palette. Are these pants intense? Yes. Will I only wear them in the fall? Probably. Do I love them anyway? Yes.

Everlane sweater with jeans and heels, two ways
Everlane cashmere sweater past season similar similar, AYR Hi-Rise skinny link, responsible, with these beautiful Coclico silver block heeled pumps link, responsible similar

This look is just so classic! I did it twice—once with my Rachel Comey black jeans link, responsible and my Madewell Mira heels pumps, and another time with my faded-wash AYR skinnies and silver Coclico heels link, responsible. I loved both. It's just easy and simple and put together all at the same time.

Tracking Woes

Before I get into the boring wear count part, I have to gripe a little bit about Cladwell. Before my Japan trip, I decided I'd give tracking with an app a try. I've been using my trusty bullet journal for daily outfit logging for a long time, but I liked the idea of actually seeing outfit/item images.

Too bad Cladwell is awful. I work in tech; I know how hard it is to make good software. I like a lot of Cladwell's features. But the app is so incredibly, absurdly, irritatingly buggy. Easily half my edits to items don't save; going back to a date in the past often simply doesn't work; it crashes at least once every time I use it more than two minutes. And either I can't find it (which says something about a poor user flow), or you can't see a calendar view of past outfits anymore. There's also no way to track items in a certain date range, which is a primary feature I want!

I'm really intrigued by the way Margaret of M Gets Dressed does wardrobe tracking. She uses an app called Airtable, which is "part spreadsheet, part database, and entirely flexible." For a long time I've kept a wardrobe inventory spreadsheet, but of course, it doesn't have images, and no kind of relational database linking between items. So I am thinking I might give Airtable a shot and see how I like it for total closet inventory and data.

Margaret's Airtable screenshot, from

That said, I'm probably going back to my bullet journal for daily outfit tracking. I really prefer tracking outfits instead of just items, because it helps me be creative when I put new outfits together. Knowing how many times I wore something is great, but it's how I combine them that is the most useful knowledge.

a partial outfit log from this past September

More to come on both outfit tracking in my journal, weekly outfit planning, and hopefully an Airtable update! Now, let's talk specifics.

Items and Wear Count

Overall, I wore about 40 items from my closet. I'd tell you what percentage that is of my whole closet, but my wardrobe tracking is in such a shoddy state right now, I can't. Approximately a quarter, based on my out of date count of ~150 items, excluding athletic/formal. This is something I really want to update and do better at staying on top of!

Favorite Items

AYR Prance jacket past season— This jacket is so amazing. It's so soft, and the drape is perfect, and it's great for feeling snuggly but looking put together. I actually grabbed this a number of times for a quick layer on cooler mornings that I didn't log, so it's getting tons of wear.

AO rust turtleneck secondhand — Before I left for Tokyo I picked this up secondhand. It was a risk because there wasn't any sizing info but it turned out to be the perfect cropped length and a great color, not too orange or too brown. It's thick and very soft and machine washable, too, so pleased all around. Bonus: it's Team Super Long Sleeves.

Everlane cashmere grey v neck crop sweater past season similar similar — And of course my only sweater. My only complaint here is I wish it wasn't a v-neck. The sleeves are shorter than I'd like and the shoulders fall off a bit. That said, it's so cozy, and warm but not too hot, and I keep reaching for it.

Least Favorite Items

My Frye over the knee boots similar and my old TOMS Camel booties link similar (responsible) similar (responsible) both didn't wow me. I'm just not sure I'm into over the knee boots anymore, although they helped amp up the sexy on a date night look. My camel booties I do love stylistically, but they are really showing their age, and starting to feel unsupportive and bad on my feet.


Aritzia black wool cocoon coat link, not ethical — 3 wears — I don't wear this a ton every year, but when it's cold enough for it, I'm sure glad I have it!
AYR Prance jacket
past season — 3 wears — As mentioned above, a closet hero.
Aritzia knit black cardigan past season — 3 wears — This is kind of itchy, and too big, but it's a decent in-between temp layer, so I end up reaching for it a lot.
AYR Neptune jacket
past season — 2 wears — This is the perfect weight, and I love the pockets, but between it being navy and a slightly awkward length... well, I wear it a lot, but that's why you don't see it in many photos.
Aritzia black crop hoodie
link, not ethical — 1 wear — I definitely wore this way more than once; at least to the gym once a week. Only once as a "real" outfit, though.


AO rust turtleneck secondhand — 3 wears
Everlane cashmere grey v neck crop sweater
links above — 3
OV merino burgundy turtleneck past season, similar (responsible) — 2
Aritzia black crop long sleeve tee similar (responsible) — 2
Revelle forest green crop sweatshirt — 1 wear
— I forgot how much I adored this little vintage style sweatshirt from a previous Garment popup. It's precious and comfy.
Aritzia v-neck black long sleeve bodysuit
past season similar (responsible) — 1 wear — This is extremely low cut, so only comes out on date night, but I do love it.
Cotton Citizen Tokyo long sleeve black crop tee
link, responsible — 1 wear

Aritzia green mock neck tee link, not ethical — 2 wears
Two Fold Krissy red wool tee — 1 wear
AYR Supercool white cotton tee
link, responsible — 1 wear
Cotton Citizen Tokyo white crop tee link, made in US — 1 wear


Rachel Comey black high rise jeans link, responsible in grey — 4 wears
AYR hi rise skinny in Night of Joy past season, similar (responsible) — 3 wears
Everlane Cheeky Ankle jean, light wash link, responsible — 1 wear
Diarte knit joggers past season — 1 wear
Wray Fielding pant
link, responsible — 1
AYR hi rise skinny in Jaguar Legs
link, responsible — 1
Lululemon black Align leggings
link, not ethical — 1
Michi Drift black moto legging
past season, responsibly made in CA, similar similar — 1 — I'm currently on tracking athletic gear when I wear it as a "real" outfit, but I might start tracking gym days as well.
Michi axial wine/spice legging
link, similar— 1


Elizabeth Suzann Mara linen black jumpsuit link, ethical — 3 wears — What can I say, it's easy?
Elizabeth Suzann Elise knit cream limited edition — 1 — I picked this up at the ES Market, as I wished I'd gotten the cream instead of the black originally. It's longer and looser than my black one, so giving both a whirl for a bit. I will likely sell one.
Elizabeth Suzann Elise knit black
limited edition — 1


What a surprise! Black mules and black booties take the top two spots.

Freda Salvador black lay mules past season, similar — 3 wears
Rachel Comey black Mars booties link, responsible — 3 wears
APL black sneakers link, made in US — 2 wears — Again, this is only my "real" outfit wears; this number would be more like 6-8 if I counted gym days.
APL burgundy sneakers link — 1 wear
TOMS Camel booties links above — 1
Rag and Bone western booties
past season — 1
Frye Sabrina green suede boots
past season color, similar (not ethical)  — 1
Coclico silver block heels
links above — 1
Madewell black suede Mira heels past season — 1
Frye over the knee boots past season — 1
Freda Salvador oxfords link — 1
APC white sneakers link, not ethical — 1

I also always wear my Mohinders and Birkenstocks around the house, but too chilly for toes outside this month!


Purchases & Wishlist

Only two additions in November, one I don't even have yet. The first was an Elizabeth Suzann Bel skirt in black silk. A silky skirt has been on my radar, but I wasn't ready to do it. Then a friend got the Bel skirt and let me try it on and I was smitten. It's perfect.

The second addition was some Michi activewear goodness from their early sale. A significant majority of my activewear bottoms no longer fit in the waist, and are prohibitively expensive or impossible to alter, so I've been trying to pick up new ones when on sale. I'm also really trying to find more ethical/sustainable activewear that isn't cotton, and I'm really pleased with Michi's fit and fabrics.

I did do a some Black Friday shopping, so those will start popping up in December's outfits! I limited myself to items that have been on my wishlist for some time. There were a lot of great deals (or causes to shop for, like Kotn's building schools fund), and I ended up crossing off the majority of my major wishlist items. Mostly, that meant long sleeves!

So right now, the only items on my wishlist are a pair of Elizabeth Suzann Andy pants, and some Rachel Comey Mars booties in camel to replace my aging ones. I can't make myself bite the bullet on the Andy's, but I love them on everyone else. My booties aren't dead yet. So these are just hanging out for the right time!

Tailoring, Donating, Removing

Nothing outgoing, but a long list for the tailor. Quite a few pairs of winter pants that I haven't gotten the waist altered on. (My body size/shaped changed significantly enough over the last year or two that almost all my bottoms no longer fit, and I'm taking them to be tailored in waves.) My Esby Lucia pants, for the same reason. A beloved knot-front long sleeve crop tee whose knot has come undone. A lovely dusty rose crepe duster coat that's too long. They're just hanging out waiting for a good time to make a trip!

Cotton Citizen Tokyo tee link, made in US, Everlane Cheeky Ankle jean link, responsible, APC sneakers link, not ethical


In December I'm looking forward to a week in Alabama with my family, and a quick trip to Houston to my husband's family for Christmas. Despite a bit of travel I'm hoping it will be quiet and not too stressful. I'm already looking ahead to 2019 goal setting, and creating my 2019 theme. If I'm lucky, I'll get enough down time to try a new wardrobe tracking system before committing to it for the new year, too!

What are you looking forward to in December?