Feb + March Outfit Recap

We can pretty much sum up Feb and March as Month(s) of the Sweatshirt. I'm so ready for spring, and warmer, sunny days are just beginning to find their way to Texas.

Feb + March Outfit Recap

Whew, it's definitely recap time. We can pretty much sum up Feb and March as Month(s) of the Sweatshirt. I'm so ready for spring, and warmer, sunny days are just beginning to find their way to Texas. As the meme goes, we've made it through Spring of Deception and Second Winter and even though it's in the low 50's today, I think we're well on our way to Actual Summer. Our February Hawai'i vacation was a really lovely bit of foreshadowing for my spring/summer wardrobe!

the beautiful view from Wiliwilinui Ridge on Oahu

Recap Thoughts

The Bad

February was a pretty gloomy month for me, both physically and emotionally, and my heart just wasn't into outfits. I've been working from home a lot, and feeling physically drained means I'm only wearing my comfiest clothes on repeat. Like I wrote in January: "The best part about a closet that works for you, instead of you having to work on it, is that you can be NOT thinking about it when there are more important topics on your mind."

I've also been having a lot of Thoughts about pants. Wearing skinny jeans feels like me, but also kind of boring sometimes. I have yet to find a straight leg jean that works on me the way I want it to, and every time I try to wear soft wide legs or sailor pants, I feel... not sure about it. Somewhere along the line I got really intrigued by trousers, so we're going to see where that takes me.

The Good

The spring 10x10 this time around was hosted by the amazing babes of @buyfrombipoc and @selltradeslowfashion. It prompted some incredible conversations about how we talk about and perform allyship, wardrobe budgets, using our purchasing power to support BIPOC brands, and what it means to be joyful.

my 10x10 color palette

Jacquelin's enthusiasm about sharing her style and having fun in her clothes made me want to do the 10x10, even though there were quite a few reasons I almost didn't: feeling exhausted and not feeling like making outfits for IG; taking up space as a white woman in the first 10x10 after the #10x10representationmatters hashtag, and what it means to share and connect. But Jacquelin also reminded me that the pressure to be ‘stylish’ or show off is totally self-imposed, and I wanted to use the 10x10 to connect with my Instagram slow fashion friends, to ask them questions and have a conversation. Plus, I challenged myself to outfits that were comfy, lazy, soft and still felt like me, and while Adrienne tried to do 10 outfits without wearing black, I opted for the opposite challenge: 10 outfits with a black-and-white color palette only.

My picks were from brands mostly woman-owned, with a few brands owned in full or part by women of color: Amour Vert, AYR, Elizabeth Suzann, Cuyana, Corinne Collection, Michi.

Our trip to Hawai'i in February was definitely a highlight! Getting a little sneak peek of sunshine and the beach and shorts weather made me so eager for spring temps and spring clothes.

downtown Honolulu

Favorite Outfits

I had a surprising number of faves to pick from this month!

white shorts, rust silk tank, sneakers

Getting some sun on Oahu—so happy! I love these white shorts, they just scream summer to me. Pairing them with this tank was easy and comfy and I am definitely wearing this exact outfit again when it's warm enough!

yellow tee, light wash jeans, white mules

I don't actually love these jeans, but I loved the whole idea of this outfit so much I wore it twice in one week!

ivory sweatshirt, crop flare jeans, yellow flats

Sweatshirt life! One of the days I decided to try and dress up and look cute, but picked the coziest "nice" things: an Amour Vert sweatshirt, comfy stretch crop flare AYR jeans, and these darling yellow Coclico flats.

black maxi, white hat and mules

Y'all loved this on Instagram, and I swear, if all it takes to make a cool outfit is putting on a sack dress and a hat over your unwashed hair, count me in! This Cienne maxi is one of the items I don't wear that often, because it feels so dramatic, yet it's so perfectly simple. My husband was skeptical about the white hat and shoes, but I felt like it upped the drama and felt so stylish. I wore this on a fun dinner date.


My outfit tracking really fell off the wagon, too. This is fine: tracking is simply data. My data isn't going to be as accurate if I don't track as accurately, but it's just information. Renee at Goblinshark wrote about why she doesn't track cost per wear, saying, "It’s hard to uncouple money and value, especially when it comes to something like your closet." I do track cost per wear, but I completely agree with Renee. Being able to see how many times I wore an item is useful for me to know if my actual and imagined love for the item are the same. For one expensive item, maybe my cost per wear is low: it's getting a lot of use. For another, maybe it's high, because I'm not wearing that item often... but that doesn't necessarily mean it's not valuable to me. Here's where other data comes in to play: how I felt in that item, when and why I wear it, how unique or meaningful it is to me.

So, here's some pretty inaccurate and incomplete data!

In Feb and March, I logged 86 unique items. My two new sweatshirts (more on that later) are in the top 5 items; the other items in the top 10 are my comfiest sneakers, birkenstocks, jeans, and leggings.

There's also a surprising number of one-offs. I think there's a couple reasons why. First, I'm definitely pulling out a few of my warmer-weather items, but they're not really in rotation yet so much as, one day it was nice and I wore that tank top. Second, since I was feeling so down and staying in so much in Feb and early March, on the occasions I did go out, I felt like I should try and wear something fun! And lastly, a couple new items got added to the mix.

2019 Q1 no-buy Update

Yes... we didn't manage to make it all the way through Q1. I know—it was just three months. I honestly don't feel all that guilty: all my purchases, while not necessary per se, were thoughtful and fitting into my wardrobe in a really solid way. I picked up this amazing jumpsuit at Olive, which felt like turning up my style to 11. I've had my eye on a Janessa Leone white wool hat, and it finally went on sale. When Elizabeth Suzann did her weekend anniversary sale, I finally took the plunge on a Clyde trench, which I hope will fill an interesting cool-weather travel-jacket niche for me. My husband bought a replacement grey suit from Taylor Stitch's workshop, for the one that no longer fits him.

All in all — nothing necessary, but nothing I feel bad about either. True to our word, we donated 10% of our purchases, sending some love to an old colleague's efforts to raise money for science education for kids on Amplify Austin day, to Boss Babes fund for women and nonbinary creatives, entrepreneurs and community-builders, and to RAICES for their never-ending work for refugees at the Texas border.

Elizabeth Suzann Clyde trench

Next Month

Pretty sure April is going to be all about color! My spring color palette traditionally has been the light, bright version of my winter: blush or rose instead of burgundy, light denim, sage or turquoise green instead of olive. This year I'm adding in a real heavy dose of ivory and bright, sunshiny yellow. I'm not sure where this sudden love for yellow came from, but I'm all about it!

What's your spring color palette looking like?