April Outfits & Wear Count

April was a wet, dreary month punctuated by a lovely quick weekend trip to New Orleans. I've noticed I'm putting together outfits in a much more ad hoc, whimsical way; just wearing what I want to, and letting it be easy. Read on for April outfits, tracking thoughts, and purchases.

April Outfits & Wear Count

April was a wet, dreary month punctuated by a lovely quick weekend trip to New Orleans. I've noticed I'm putting together outfits in a much more ad hoc, whimsical way; just wearing what I want to, and letting it be easy. As I notice my style changing, I'm prioritizing comfort and enthusiasm over trying to make a look.

Every year, I think I've figured out Austin weather, but I've been here for ten years and it still manages to surprise. This year we got 7" of rain in April, compared to a typical 2, and according to local news, that makes this year the rainiest April this century! So accordingly, I've been happily getting in my last years of blazers and sweatshirts and jeans before it gets mind-numbingly hot here.

merino longsleeves AND a blazer! with linen clyde pants

There's been nice days, though, too—the first pool day of the year was a great excuse to break in this new sunshine yellow Dos Gardenias swimsuit and dig out my summer shorts.

Speaking of sun, I found this article Is Sunscreen the new Margarine? extremely interesting; it talks about the science of sunscreen, it's potentially questionable (or even racist) implications, the value of getting Vitamin D, and the likelihood of skin cancer. This rebuttal article noted, though, that for getting Vitamin D, studies "say that you should spend on the order of 10 to 30 minutes three times a week with your arms and legs exposed during midday" — which isn't that much, if you live somewhere sunny like I do — and that we are pretty bad at applying enough sunscreen to get the SPF rating. As a sun baby who hates grey weather, but burns easily, I find all this super fascinating!

Recap Thoughts

The Bad

Well... the bad is that I've definitely been shopping. I've acquired more things than I really intended, and certainly more than I needed. On the positive side, I absolutely love all my new pieces. Some of them were impulsive, but having such a solid idea of my style means that I no longer impulse-buy stuff I end up hating or never wearing. Still, I want to do my best to avoid consumption without serious consideration of what I'm purchasing and why.

The Good

Like I said, I love the new, Spring-y acquisitions I've made. Chunky sandals, light colors, and a bit of bright yellow are giving my wardrobe a burst of spring joy.

We spent a long weekend in New Orleans with my parents, eating all the delicious food and enjoying some phenomenally beautiful weather. It was muggy our first day, but then rained overnight, giving us two days of 75 and sunshiny weather with the perfect cool breeze.

Our flight was actually cancelled the day we were supposed to come back, so we spent an extra day working remotely and lounging at the impossibly beautiful Hotel Peter and Paul in the Marigny.

And of course, eating. We made stops at Compere Lapin, Turkey and the Wolf, my all-time fave Bacchanal, and new fave Elysian Bar, and so many more.

sexy and moody in all elizabeth suzann silk and coclico heels in new orleans

Favorite Outfits

classy and classic all black dinner date

My husband and I went for date night, and I loved how easy this was to throw together. Super-easy black skinny jeans but in a delightfully comfy stretch, made fancy with Elizabeth Suzann silk and my trusty old Madewell heels. One of my core style concepts is “elevated casual” and these items are exemplars. The Georgia tee is a simple tee... but with those unique sleeves and beautiful silk drape. Plain black pumps... but with an almond toe and slanted toe box that's a little more dramatic.

this jumpsuit again

I've worn this exact combo—this ridic Kurt Lyle jumpsuit and white sneakers—at least three times in the last month and a half, and I don't plan to stop. Could I wear it with other shoes? Yeah... but this is easy, and it works, and I don't care.

kurt lyle two-tone kelly jumpsuit, in windy new orleans

white pleated balloon trousers?

These trousers are just way too much fun. They're so voluminous! Pleats! White! I can't deal. So far I've also been wearing these on a formula repeat: chunky sandal, black top. Will I branch out eventually? Stay tuned.

Items and Wear Count

outfits logged for April

In April I logged 52 items (clothing and shoes) over 17 days this month—missing about two weeks. Tracking like this can be both insightful and limiting. I wear my wedding rings and Claus signet rings every time I leave the house, but I never track those; my rings show up as "never worn," which couldn't be farther from the truth! I gain other insights, though, like how many new items I've acquired, if they're getting worn, and how much my standby favorites are getting worn in comparison.

For example, my "most worn" items in the past 30 days is a good mix of faves. It's got my AYR white denim shorts and jeans that I've had since 2015 (!) and last year, respectively, but I also logged 7 wears of my new cream t-shirt, and 6 wears each of my new sneakers and chunky sandals. For comparison, I wore 11 pairs of shoes in April, and those two new pairs count for 12 wears out of 27—almost half.



In a fit of being sick of all my skinny jeans, I picked up a pair of beautiful and responsibly-made wide legs by Citizens of Humanity, the Sacha. I'd long been familiar with CoH but didn't realize they were fully vertically integrated in LA and working to reduce water consumption.

Two responsibly-made cotton tees from local Austin maker Good Company, in cream and black, because I found myself wishing for looser tops. This is a weird one—I've historically gone for fitted tops with looser bottoms, or vice versa—but lately I've been happy to be a little slouchy all around. These have already racked up 9 years between the two, not counting some lounge-y afternoons in them.

I splurged on a pair of Robert Clergerie chunky sandals, in the hopes that they'd be a walk-around-all-day summer shoe. So far so good, seeing that I've worn them 6 times so far and have no complaints! I know that delicate, strappy, tiny slides are all in on Instagram right now, but give me a padded footbed any day, please!

good co black cotton tee, with wide-leg esby lucia pants and chunky clergerie sandals

I also picked up a beautiful wrap top and slim pants by Lauren Winter when she launched her Spring collection with a discount code. I'm wearing the pants to write this blog post, and I think the linen wrap will be a gorgeous addition to super-hot summer tops.

Tailoring, Donating, Removing

I've got a small backlog of items to tailor or sell. To the tailor: my new jeans, to get the waistband taken in a smidge, and my white trousers, to get them hemmed. My sell/donate list isn't that big, either, but it includes some old Madewell denim shorts that I finally have to admit no longer fit (especially when they now make their amazing curvy fit in shorts) but still have plenty of life in them, and some Everlane loafers I can't seem to break in.

Next Month

In May, well—who knows what the weather will do. But I plan to take a little pause on new acquisitions, and let these items get comfortable in my everyday rotation. We're going on vacation in June, so I'm also hustling hard to get work tasks finished before I go. I'll be in Berlin speaking at a tech conference, so I've got to get that wrapped up, and I've got plenty of style coaching tasks on my to do list as well!

I haven't been feeling as good in shorts outfits on warm days, so I'm also exploring some outfits with skirts and dresses that feel breezy and feminine and easy. Trying to stick to comfortable and joyful looks, and letting it be easy.

It's almost Gemini season!