30x30 capsule challenge planner worksheet

30x30 capsule challenge planner worksheet

tl;dr? download it right here! 😉

It's (gonna be) May, and that means its #may30x30 time! For the second year in a row, Petra and Jasmine are hosting a 30x30 challenge on Instagram.

It's a pretty straightforward concept: pick 30 items from your wardrobe to wear for 30 days. I've done quite a few 10x10s, and seasonal capsules, and I am so excited for 30 straight days of outfits. I haven't been feeling the urge to shop, even though I've struggled with stress-shopping before, so I'm ready to dig into some of my favorite closet picks and get creative.

To make planning—and sticking to it—even easier, I'm sharing my 30x30 capsule planner worksheet.

I have four years of capsule wardrobe planning and outfit logging practice, so I've compiled all the questions I ask myself when I'm planning a capsule into a handy worksheet for you. Download it today—you've still got a couple days to get your 30x30 planned, and this will make it super easy!

Get the 30x30 Capsule Planner

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    If you join the challenge, share a photo of your capsule planner and tag it with #elysestyledcapsuleplanner — I'd love to see it!

    Shameless self-promotion time! 😉 Stuck trying to plan your capsule? Come have a strategy call with me — they're super fun, pay-what-you-can, and we can put together a 30x30 capsule for you in no time!

    I have two main #may30x30 goals.

    First, I want to post an outfit every single day on Instagram. Gotta stay honest—and I know that getting dressed improves my mood and helps me stay productive and active.

    A client and I were discussing how getting dressed affects our mood this past weekend, and determined that (at least for us), it's really about function. We might choose comfy, slouchy, or oversized clothes, but it matters if those clothes have a mental designation of "lazy do-nothing lounge clothes" or "everyday doing things outfit clothes." My favorite pajama jumpsuit is really cute—but in my mind, it's my pajama jumpsuit. If I'm wearing it at 3pm, there's a good chance I'm not having a very productive or focused day. (That's okay, too—just not every day.)

    Second, I want to move my body every day, too. That may not seem outfit-challenge related, but hear me out. I know I'm more likely to stretch and do yoga, go for a walk, or do a workout in the morning, not the afternoon. If I get up, have my morning coffee and journal, and get straight into some movement, then I usually get straight into a shower and an outfit, and my day is all set up. If I try to work first, eat lunch, and maaaybe work out in the afternoon? Those are the days I end up in my pajama jumpsuit at 3pm. (James Clear calls this habit stacking — and it works.)

    Are you joining the #may30x30?

    If you are, don't forget to share your photos with #may30x30 for conversation and community!

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    @jazzyhwang and I are doin' something! 🥳 . We would like to announce that we're diving into a #May30x30 (pick 30 items and wear for 30 days, 30 ways) - but this time, it's the at-home edition ☺️ . We'd love for you to join us! No pressure, you can hop on and off as the month goes on, but we thought it'd be a perfect way to stay in love with our wardrobes during this at-home time, and maybe to rediscover some old favourites that haven't been out for a while. . Did you join in on the #May30x30 last year? If so, how did you find it? I always find it hard to post every day, but it's okay to skip a few! To me, this challenge isn't about posting every day - it's about learning happiness with a select few items, flexing your creativity, and connecting with people 💛 . Tip: video call a friend and plan yours together! That's what Jasmine and I did, and it was so fun! Tap the link in my bio to read more about some of the wardrobe curiosities we found out during the planning process... 😉 . Starts on May 1!

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    MAY 30x30 IS BACK! 30 pieces over 30 days—let’s get dressed! Fancier loungewear pieces encouraged 😏 • • I’m SO pumped to be hosting this challenge with my lovely friend @petraalexandra. It’s already been a blast so far planning it together. 👯‍♀️ We Zoomed over the weekend and helped each other pick out our 30 pieces. We got to see each other’s closets and got some good, proper girl talk in. I picked her brain as to how she goes about planning these types of challenges since she’s just so darn good at them. Her trick? She begins with the pieces she just can’t live without, so that’s where we started. It was so interesting to see how different we were with our closet essentials: She can’t live without her denim, and I can’t live without my sneakers or jumpsuits! It was hilarious watching each other narrow down our picks in different categories. Because we love and support the same brands, there was bound to be some overlap in our styles and in our wardrobes. We picked a few of the same pieces to style during the challenge, and I know for sure that I’ll be looking to her for inspiration since I already do! Because we’ve been following each other for a while too, we know each other’s wardrobes fairly well and we were able to help each other choose pieces that we may have forgotten about! If you have a friend to plan with, I HIGHLY recommend it! That’s ultimately why I love doing these challenges—for the sense of community that it brings about and friendships that blossom from them. I can’t wait to see everyone’s looks! You in? ▫️ Head on over to THEPLEBLIFE.COM to read more! ✌🏻 #pleblife #may30x30

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    See you there!