three ways my style is changing

three ways my style is changing

For me, one of the great selling points of the capsule wardrobe life was this idea that I would end up with a perfect wardrobe that never changes. It probably won't come as a surprise when I say that isn't what happened. My life has continued to change; my body, my job, my relationships, my identity, they've all continued to grow... and so has my style.

When I started my style journey, I was sick of everything I owned, didn’t love how any of it fit, and had a terrible shopping habit. For me, all these things were entangled. Since then, I created a style definition for myself, and there's absolutely a core of it that has remained. Yet other aspects are shifting, and as the weather changes and summer blooms, I'm seeing those come to life.

Caroline wrote in this blog post back in 2016 that "showing a change on the outside is a special part of owning and celebrating the growth on the inside." Here's three of my guiding words right now, and how I am seeing my style grow as part of them.

trousers: being assured

I've written about trousers once or twice lately on Instagram, and I'm starting to see the connection.

being #ootdinfluencedby lo at

The structure and decisiveness of a grown-up pant, the definition of pleats; these are starting to feel like me. I'm more rooted in my strengths and vulnerabilities, I'm more embodied in my clothing and ideals. I know my own mind, and my body, and I'm no longer trying to hide it. Instead, I'm self-assured, and resilient, and I feel both comfortable and powerful in these pants.

summer dresses and skirts: being at ease

I went through a phase just prior to getting engaged where I tried out a cutesy, preppy, patterns and dresses look. I can't recall now what I wanted out of it, but as I started to dig into my style, I knew it wasn't right. So I swung hard the other direction: no prints, no ruffles, no loose dresses, no dresses!

But my summer style is getting more and more relaxed, and my requirements for comfort are much higher. I don't want to feel anything but ease. I want to embrace the fact that it's sunny and sweaty and hot, I want to embrace the ease of a single item, a loose fit, a breezy fabric.

Cienne dress, Rachel Comey mules, Janessa Leone hat

I got this black Cienne maxi dress ages ago an event, with the intent of wearing it constantly, and it's been a recent favorite. So now I'm—slowly—investigating dresses again. When was the last time I tried on a ruffle, or a print? What if I do feel easy and comfortable? I haven't purchased anything new, but I'm digging into some of my old dresses that I didn't get rid of, and I'm curious to see how they feel in this new light.

sunshine yellow: being enthusiastic

One of the words that came up repeatedly for me when I was writing a personal mission statement was enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is more sincere and connected than excitement; it's something that can be harnessed to connect with, not override others. No color feels more like enthusiasm than sunshine yellow, and I can't get enough of it right now.

playing tourist in New Orleans in sunshine yellow

One of the key aspects of my style definition was "neutrals as colors." Not that I don't love color—I do. On my body and in my closet, I tend to pick my neutrals, my navys and olives and browns as colors, more than anything bright. Yet right now I find myself so drawn to yellow. It's cheerful, and bright, and I see this as a reflection of my mindset and attitude.

I'm a sunshine person; I thrive in it and require it, and nothing makes me feel happier or more driven than a beautiful sunshiny day.

Wouldn’t we all love to get to a place where we love every item in our closet, and never want anything else? Thing is, that’s a myth, and I don't know how much of that desire has to do with clothes and trends and mindless shopping hauls. We are human, and we grow and change. Moving cities or changing jobs, growing older (because we don’t grow younger!), body changes (pregnancy, changing size, hormones, surgery), lifestyle changes — these all affect our identity and style. Sometimes that means what we used to love slowly becomes not our style anymore. Other times it means as we change, our horizons open to fun new things!

Inevitably we will have to find new things, and our wardrobe will have to change with us. Here's to something new.